Sunday, July 5, 2015

A day in Logan

When we began our journey in adoption, we were living in Logan, Utah. We met in Logan, dated in Logan, lived in Logan for the first 5 years of our marriage and we try and get back each time we come to Utah. Sometimes we are successful, this was one of those times. We also were able to meet up with some of our dear friends at a park, most of these friends were in the same stages of adoption as we were and we supported each other through the process and became parents within the same year! It is a special time to be able to see our kids play together, the ones that we hoped for and dreamed for together, most of us are also trying to adopt again so that our little ones will have siblings.  

Lil Man thought it was the best castle to play on

It also had a fun pirate ship

And a train!

So great to see dear friends!!!

Another mandatory stop is to our favorite Indian restaurant  

We were sitting in the booth under this picture, when we decided to move on to adoption

We stopped to see the Logan Temple

We stopped to get some squeeky cheese and shelf milk for food storage

stopping to see an old mission friend and catch up

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