Friday, December 5, 2014

Fun Fact Friday #15

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Chriss. When Chriss was young she took dance for a short time. I know this might surprise people, because well I am a klutz. No, really I am,  I manage to trip over lint and I have a great talent of falling up the stairs. Yeah, you read that right...falling up the stairs. I haven't done the tripping up the stairs in a while but I have been known to do it.

Perhaps that is what ended my short run as a dancer (or it could have been my complete lack of rhythm?)  However during my time as a dancer I got to wear a leotard, tights, get my hair curled and even wear a little bit of makeup. There were performances at soccer games and football games. There are two performances though that stand out still, these many years later, getting to dance at Salt Aire (I don't remember why we were dancing there, only that we did)

I also got to ride on a huge float for the 24th of July parade. {the 24th of July is the founding day celebrations for the state of Utah} We had to get up really early and be downtown. It had rained the night before so all the floats were wet. I was in the younger group and they showed us how they wanted us to sit and wave to everyone, the bigger girls got to stand and wave. There was a lot of commotion waiting for everything to get started. Finally it was our turn and we were going down the parade route. I have a lot of fond memories of waving to people, talking to the other girls around me and being so excited to be on the float.

While my dancing career was short lived, I have enormous respect for dancers and performers of all forms of art. We also want to have our little girls do dance, even if for just a short time, as the impact can last a lifetime.


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