Monday, September 1, 2014

Paper pregnancy is complete

We made it through those tough first few months and not a single paper-cut this time! Now to move to the really exciting portion, the finding of our next set of birth parents!!!!

Because of the direction adoption has taken in the last few years, most adoptions now happen through word-of-mouth, which means you, our family and friends. Friends of friends, family of friends or family/friends of distant family (you get the picture) This is the reason that we need you to keep us in mind and share with your family and friends about our family and how we desire to grow through adoption. Every time you share about us and our family, the closer we are to finding our birth family and a sibling for our son.
Please help us with sharing our blog on the social media of your choice. Every bit counts and every bit helps. We thank you in advance for sharing and helping us!

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