Friday, January 13, 2012

Fun Fact Friday #6

Chriss has a collection of post cards.

it started long ago, actually I don't remember when it started. I know that I collected them before my mission and have some great postcards that people brought back for me when they went on vacations. Some of my favorites are the ones that people mail to me from other countries. I have some from India, Italy, Germany,Austria, Hawaii and Canada that have been mailed. I love all of my postcards. In college I used my postcards as a type of wallpaper. Since I wasn't able to paint or to put more than 2 or 3 holes in a wall I covered them with postcards of beautiful or unique places.  They are also special because each one was given by someone I care about and there is usually a story that goes with each one.

Like the one from India. A friend of mine was going on a humanitarian trip there for three weeks. When she came back she told me all about the food, the culture and how much need there is. Fun adventures that she had with riding elephants and figuring out the variety of toilet systems. Or the ones that I have from Walnut Creek California, a friend had driven home and picked up cards from his hometown and along the way. He thought it odd that I wanted a postcard from Winnemucca  Nevada but he brought me a few of those too. Now my Father-in-Law aka Pops brings me back postcards when he travels for work.

And that is Fun Fact #6 for you this week

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