Friday, December 2, 2011

November recap

Its been a busy time for us, enough excitement to last decades if not a lifetime. I had ankle surgery to repair an old ankle injury, which was the catalyst for all kinds of other adventures.

The reader's digest version is: I got sick from the pain medication, part of it got stuck in my lungs but I didn't feel any pain or like something was in my lungs, the next day I start saying funny/strange things this is when Brian decided I needed to go to the hospital.  This was a good call, cause apparently the E.R. staff didn't waste any time in taking care of things, decided that I needed more specific care and scheduled Lifeflight to come take me to another hospital. (Sadly I don't remember any of this cause they sedate you when they put tubes down your throat, which is a good thing) I spent a couple days in ICU with aspirated pneumonia, another couple of days in a regular room then home.

Doing better now, stitches out from my ankle surgery and slow going with the pneumonia  recovery. I was truly blessed and so grateful for the many prayers on my behalf.  Thank you to friends, family, nurses and doctors that have taken care of me as well. I have a couple of pictures from the experience, but they will not be being posted. And eternally grateful to my love, Brian for staying with me through the whole thing.

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