Friday, December 16, 2011

Fun Fact Friday #2

Last weeks fun fact was interrupted because I was in the hospital, it has been one of those months. You know the kind that you want to forget but will never be forgotten.

Fun fact this week:
Chriss is terrified of doctors, doctor's offices and hospitals as the patient. The irony of me being in the hospital multiple times and many doctor appointments this last month is not lost on me. It stems from my growing up experiences, so many times family members would go to the doctor and not feel great, next thing you know they are in the hospital for days to weeks. As a child to youth this was terrifying. Total and completely irrational fear.

I've never had a problem taking care of others who are sick, go with them to the doctor, ask questions and follow up. I even had my companion on my mission need help with going to doctors and her surgery. That is a whole different story for another day, another fun fact Friday.  

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