Friday, December 30, 2011

Fun Fact Friday #4

My favorite cartoon character is Marvin the Martian. I have always liked him, from the time I was a child. I think that it has to do with his love of explosives, I love fireworks and stuff blowing up too. Marvin is also very direct and to the point, and sometimes misunderstood, a lot of times I can relate to this too. This picture is my mouse pad, I have a plethora of Marvin related items.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Fun Fact Friday #3

Today's fun fact is brought to you by Brian. He loves to eat pancakes, he has his own unique way of eating them that is what is different.

First he takes his fork and pokes all kinds of holes into the stack of pancakes. He does this to get the optimal amount of syrup into the actual pancakes. Then he starts eating them from the inside out, a big square out of the middle and eats his way out. 

I noticed this when we were dating, he did this and it was quite endearing to me. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Fun Fact Friday #2

Last weeks fun fact was interrupted because I was in the hospital, it has been one of those months. You know the kind that you want to forget but will never be forgotten.

Fun fact this week:
Chriss is terrified of doctors, doctor's offices and hospitals as the patient. The irony of me being in the hospital multiple times and many doctor appointments this last month is not lost on me. It stems from my growing up experiences, so many times family members would go to the doctor and not feel great, next thing you know they are in the hospital for days to weeks. As a child to youth this was terrifying. Total and completely irrational fear.

I've never had a problem taking care of others who are sick, go with them to the doctor, ask questions and follow up. I even had my companion on my mission need help with going to doctors and her surgery. That is a whole different story for another day, another fun fact Friday.  

Friday, December 2, 2011

Fun Fact Friday #1

This is something that I wanted to start weeks ago, but got a little side tracked with some medical things. Anyways, I wanted to start this weekly post with a random fact about Brian or myself or maybe sometimes both.

Fun Fact about Brian:

He loves to collect the license plates of the vehicles that we, family or friends have owned. He likes cars and remembering each one of them. With the plates he has a physical reminder of the cars he has loved and taken care of.

November recap

Its been a busy time for us, enough excitement to last decades if not a lifetime. I had ankle surgery to repair an old ankle injury, which was the catalyst for all kinds of other adventures.

The reader's digest version is: I got sick from the pain medication, part of it got stuck in my lungs but I didn't feel any pain or like something was in my lungs, the next day I start saying funny/strange things this is when Brian decided I needed to go to the hospital.  This was a good call, cause apparently the E.R. staff didn't waste any time in taking care of things, decided that I needed more specific care and scheduled Lifeflight to come take me to another hospital. (Sadly I don't remember any of this cause they sedate you when they put tubes down your throat, which is a good thing) I spent a couple days in ICU with aspirated pneumonia, another couple of days in a regular room then home.

Doing better now, stitches out from my ankle surgery and slow going with the pneumonia  recovery. I was truly blessed and so grateful for the many prayers on my behalf.  Thank you to friends, family, nurses and doctors that have taken care of me as well. I have a couple of pictures from the experience, but they will not be being posted. And eternally grateful to my love, Brian for staying with me through the whole thing.


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