Thursday, August 4, 2011

Special Post: Gibbs day

This is Gibbs
Today is the 5th Annual Gibbs Day.  Have you never heard of Gibbs Day?  What is Gibbs day you ask?
I will tell you what Gibbs Day is the celebration to remind us of when we started dating. It is called Gibbs Day because he helped to facilitate our dating experience. And in honor of him, we celebrate this day each year. August 4. 
How is it he helped? Well I (Chriss) was over at a friends house playing cards, I had left my cell phone on the couch. When Gibbs came over to visit he noticed the cell phone and asked if he could play with it. Sure why not, what could he possibly do with a cell phone, right? Start asking if guys in the address book of the phone were married or single is what he could do. About the time he got to the C's I began to wonder why he was asking. Turns out he was sending them text messages, and Brian responded. He drove an hour and a half to come and visit me. After that night we have been together ever since. 
Gibbs definitely got the ball going, we are appreciative of that and look forward to Gibbs day each year. Here's to you Gibbs!

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