Thursday, August 25, 2011


This month has been incredible and has gone by so fast! We had the chance to go to the Families Supporting Adoption National Conference.  It was on the anniversary of our application process starting, it is amazing the journey that we have had from even the last year. We have learned and gained an incredible amount of knowledge, friends and are grateful for this experience. There have been ups and downs in the process and our lives in this last year as well. A lot of changes and more still to come I am sure.

After the Adoption Conference we had the opportunity to go to BYU Education Week! Oh how I love this experience, last year was my first year and I truly hope to continue to go regularly for the rest of my life. The year they had a whole series of classes on Infertility and what a blessing this class was. She brought up important points and helps for dealing with Infertility and how to handle some situations that come up. Oh how I hope they continue to have that class in the future for those who were not able to go this year. 

Summer seems to go by too fast, this year especially. Fall is on the horizon

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