Sunday, December 12, 2010

S -- Something Silly this way comes

post-bath sillyness

you never know when a dinosaur hat is going to come in handy

at the Gum wall, full of silly people sticking their gum to a wall

At the King Tut exhibit

he thought this was the funniest thing and was giggling

bath time is full of sillyness

E didn't think that Brian would let her put her hair bows in his hair, he was more than willing. It than became a contest to see how many she could get to stay. Brian loved it and little E was so proud.

getting  Fran├žois ready to play in the ocean

how many kids can Brian carry at once, at least 5
There is no try, there is do or do not

running down the street to get a small 2" kite up in the sky for the little girls.

Taking the teddy bear on a motorcycle ride for charity
playing red rover in the backyard
playing in the park on the tires

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