Monday, December 13, 2010

R -- Rock on, music that we like

Music. We love all kinds of music. We like all kinds of alternative rock starting with Green Day to Blink 182, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Imagine Dragons, Paramore, the Killers, My Chemical Romance, Oingo Boingo and so on. I like harder music like the Used and killswitch engage. Chriss likes British rock like Queen, James and Robbie Williams as well as movie soundtracks. I also like Broadway musicals I like to listen to them in the car. The story that you hear and that helps with long drives (and we take road trips often)

In the last five or six years I have come to enjoy the music of Johny Cash and Elvis. I wish that I had discovered their music a few years sooner so that I could have enjoyed them with my grandpa, He was a big fan of Johny Cash.

We enjoy going to concerts. I love to crowd surf and get into the pit. We love the emotion that you get to experience that can never be recorded into an album even a live one. We have gone to a couple of Warped tours several of the x96 shows. We have seen My Chemical Romance a couple of times. We want to go to U2 when they come to town. We enjoy concerts and music, we plan to take our children to them.

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