Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Q -- Q & A

Questions and Answers

A lot of information on us.
What is your favorite...

B- Curry specifically Aloo Gobi
C- Frenchbread pizza

B- Butterfingers or Recess that is a close call.
C- Butterfingers and Milka chocolate

B- So hard to pick one for an action movie it would be The Matrix for a drama it would be The Blindside, and my favorite comedy is Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium.
C- Blindeside

Disney Movie:
C- The Nightmare Before Christmas

B- I caught Fire the Used
C- Quelqu'un ma'a dit by Carla Bruni

Musical Artist:
B- Rise Against and Paramore
C- Imagine Dragons, The Killers and My Chemical Romance

Music Genre:
B- Alternative and showtunes
C- Alternative and rock

Literature Genre:
B- Sic-fi
C- Sci-fi fantasy and fiction set in historical pieces

B-Harry Potter, I,Robot
C- Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Wheel of Time series and Anne of Green Gables

Languages we speak:
B- Spanish and some French
C- German

B- Half Life 2, Grouch (progressive rummy)
C- Tetris on the Nintendo 64, grouch (a card game) and Settlers of Caatan

B- It depends on the day, or more the car it is on. It tends be red or black.
C- Blue, purple and black

B-I love my Dog but I am learning to love cats.
C- I am a cat person and I am learning to love dogs

B- Coke
C- Ginger ale

B- Lemon Meringue Pie
C- Ice Cream, just about any flavor

TV Show:
B- Bones, The office, Chuck, modern family and cougar town.
C- LOST, Dr. Who, Cougar Town, Frasier and Modern Family

B-Disney land with my family.
C- I loved Vienna and the Canary Islands, but really anything with family or going to visit family that live far away.

B- I love the 4th of July and Christmas because i get to spend time with my family then.
C- tie between 4th of July and Halloween

Bible Hero:
B-David Early in his life.
C- Joshua

Book of Mormon Hero:
B- Captain Moroni
C- Abinadi

Favorite Restaurant:
B- The Kamin (Tai food)
C- Tandoori Oven (Indian Food)

Favorite Fast Food place:
B- Burger King
C- Cafe Rio

Favorite Date:
B- Dinner at nice place and then just spending time with two of us.
C- picnic dinners just the two of us

Dream Vacation:
B-I would like to go to Hawaii, or To any kind of theme park.
C- Hawaii, with hiking, swimming and the Polynesian Cultural Center

Favorite Pastime:
B- Fixing things
C- Reading and doing needlework

Favorite childhood activity:
B- ATVing with the family.
C- building forts and tents, camping in the backyard, going to the library

Other Random Facts:
B- B.A., Toeonly, Toe
C- Twinkle Bell, Vampyro, Chrissa

B- Bachelors of Science in Information Technology, working on Masters in Network Security
C- Bachelors of Science in Business Administration

B-IT operations Technician

I have never:
B-been to Boston in the fall.
C- Been to Disneyland or Disneyworld

I would love to:
B- Be a daddy.
C-Travel with our family 

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