Wednesday, December 15, 2010

P -- Pyro

We have been into fireworks all of our lives. I have always loved playing with the little fireworks. When I met Chriss she was working with a professional fireworks company doing the large display style fireworks. She has been doing them since 2001. We now spend most weekends in the summer setting them up the large fireworks together. This is a hobby that we enjoy doing together. We have made several great friends doing pyro, they are like a second family to us.

Chriss has realized that she enjoys taking pictures of the fireworks as much as we like setting them up and lighting them off. In the last few years I have started building my own fireworks with one of our good friends Ben. We build several different kinds of fireworks for a show that Ben has done for his family on the 24th of July every year. This year we made three or four different kinds of fireworks for the show. We made the fireworks from scratch and we mixed all the chemicals to make them by hand, since we are both trained professionals. We are always very careful to be safe, we work outside and always have bucket of water handy. We get a schedule in the spring letting us know what the dates are and which shows the company is doing.
Brian and Ben before the show they had built

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