Thursday, December 16, 2010

O -- Our Story

Brian's side of the story:
Chriss lived next door to my older brother Kyle in the summer of 2005. One time when I went up to visit him she was at his place watching a movie with him. I thought to myself “What is Kyle doing with a pretty girl in his apartment.” Chriss said that she thought “the younger brother got the looks.” I was dating someone else at the time so I didn’t think about her any more.

For New Year’s Eve, Kyle took me down to show me one of Chriss’ firework shows (Chriss is a licensed pyro-technician). I loved the show and didn't mind helping with the clean up afterwards. I asked Chriss what I had to do to be able to work with the fireworks company over the summer. She told me that she would get my number from Kyle and that she would call me when fireworks season was starting. I never got a call.

I called her on the 4th of July so that I could come and see her show. She told me it was where she was at. I went, but was running to get to the launch site through the whole show. I got to the football stadium just after the Grand Finale. I helped to clean up the show and Chriss got my phone number and email address. She sent me the info for the show on the 24th of July, but I had already made plans to go to a concert with one of my best friends. I thought that the 24th was the last big show before New Year’s so I was just going to wait until then to get into pyrotechnics.

Then on the 4th of August I got this text message from a number that I didn’t know. The message asked if I wanted to go out. I replied maybe--it depends who this is. It happened to be Chriss’ phone in the hands of one her colleagues, known as Gibbs. He was sending this message to every single guy in Chriss’ phone. But because I had no idea who was texting me, Gibbs had a lot of fun acting like he was someone else. After about 25 min of texting I called her. She let it go to voice mail, but when I heard her message I was almost positive who it was. I then called Kyle, my older brother, to verify her number. I was like wow; she wants to go out with me! That is odd; but I could use a good date. I agreed to go out with her. I drove up to go out with her on our first date and we just hit it off.

After that she came down to do a fireworks show, and we went to a vegetarian Chinese restaurant. She had never tried anything like that before but was willing to try new things. The next night she did another fireworks show and I went with her.

I asked her to marry me on the 11th of November. I had asked my friend Aaron and his Fiancé if they would hide out under a bridge and light off bottle rockets when I asked her. They agreed. I took her to dinner at the Hard Rock Café and then we drove to a park in Draper. After we had walked around the park for a while, we ended up at a bridge. I stopped in the middle and hugged her. I then said that I had a question for her: I took a knee and asked her if she would marry me. She said Yes! The bottle rockets went off. We chose to be sealed in the Mount Timpanogos Temple in January 2007.

Chriss' side of our story:
Once upon a time, the summer of 2005, I lived next door to Kyle. During that summer Brian came up to visit Kyle. I was disappointed that Brian was dating someone else at the time; I thought he was really good looking. Time marched on until New Years Eve; I was doing a firework show, just like I had for the last 4 years. This year Kyle came and he brought Brian with him. They were very helpful with clean up and Brian seemed very interested in doing pyro during the summer. I didn’t get his number at that time; I was just going to get it from Kyle as it got closer to firework season, which is the middle of May until August. Around the end of April I text messaged Kyle a few times to get Brian’s number so that he could come and play. I never heard back from Kyle. The firework season started and there wasn’t time for a second thought.

On July 4th 2006 it seemed that everyone was coming out of the woodwork, people I hadn’t heard from in months all of a sudden were calling on that day to know where a good firework show was going to be. Much to my surprise Brian was no exception. He was really lucky that I answered, because I don’t usually answer the phone when I don’t know the number. When he said who he was, I was taken by surprise. It took a min to register who was calling. I told him where I was doing the show and if he wanted to come and clean up the help would always be appreciated.

When he actually showed up I was shocked, I didn’t think that he would. I gave him my tools and set him to work, every so often I would walk past him and I thought he was really good looking, quickly followed by the thoughts that nothing could come of it because he was young, he had to be dating someone and a reminder that I had not had the best of experiences dating this summer why would I want to try again. But before Brian left that night I made sure to get his phone number and his email so that when the next shows came up I could let him know and he could help with setting up, during the show and clean up. I sent him an email about the next show which was the 24th of July. Brian didn’t make it to that show and I forgot that I even had his information in my phone until two weeks later.

On August 4th 2006 I was over at a friend’s apartment playing cards. I had left my cell phone and my keys on the couch. The next thing I know Gibbs had walked into the apartment and saw what was on the couch. He then started to go through my phone book in the phone, asking me if the guys were married or single, he made it to about the d’s before I asked him why he wanted to know. His response was that he was sending the single ones a text message to see if they wanted to go out. I quickly grabbed the phone to keep him from sending more of these messages, and while I was sending out a message to disregard the previous message, someone responded. Brian was open to going out, even though he didn’t know who the number belonged to; he wanted to know who it was before saying yes. Well we had a bit of fun with this, telling him I was from the restaurant the week before, going on and on. Finally after 25 minutes, Brian decided to call. We had a great time that night, and decided to do something together again the next weekend.

The next weekend we went out on Friday night to, who knew that there was a vegetarian Chinese food place. We went to a park and played around until it started raining, then we went to play pool, I really enjoy pool, it’s a fun game I like it even more when I win. The rain was coming down hard when we finished playing pool, so we did some puddle jumping. Overall it was a great night and one that I will remember for a long time. The next night was a firework show. Brian showed up about a half hour before we were shooting and helped out with crowd control and then with clean up after that. I really love his sense of adventure and love of pyro.

Brian knew that things were going to happen a lot sooner than I did, in the first couple of weeks. The middle of August he came up on a Tuesday night and we went up a canyon on the motorcycle, and started talking about marriage. I had known this was coming somehow, and I told him that I needed a year, that’s when my youngest brother would be home and that would give us enough time to get to really know each other. He was ok with that, he said sure he could wait for me. Come to find out later that he knew full well that I would want to move things up sooner. He had some help along the way with that, when I talked with my bishop and he told me that I got 5 to 6 months tops, he said I didn’t get a year. He became Brian’s new best friend at that point.

After that Brian asked if I wanted to go to the X-96 show the end of September, I remember thinking to myself “wow that is a long ways away”. Things kept coming up every weekend and I found myself looking forward to the weekends to see him, the next thing I knew it was almost September. Brian and Jeremy came up to Flaming Gorge over Labor Day weekend, we do a firework show up there. It was so incredible to have him there during the show.

The waiting time between dating and being “officially” engaged was really hard. I knew what my ring looked like, and I knew I was going to have to wait a few months, but it was just a matter of time. It was the ring checks that other people started doing every Monday when they knew we had seen each other over the weekend. It was people flat out asking Brian where the ring was with me standing right next to him. Brian told me that I would have the ring before Thanksgiving 2006, that’s all I knew.

Brian set up our date on 11 November, 2006 I knew that there was a possibility of getting my ring. At the beginning of the date I got red roses and then we went to dinner at the Hard Rock Café because I had never eaten there before. Dinner was great, we got to talk and listen to good music in the background. After dinner we went to a park in Draper. We were walking around on the little pathway and Brian was telling me how they used to come there as kids and play. We got to a little bridge and stopped for a minute, Brian gave me a big hug and I felt his heart racing, I thought it was going to pound right out of his chest. I realized what was about to happen, he said that he had a question for me, took a knee and asked me if I would marry him. This was such a surreal moment, it was happening before me and it was as though time stood still. I said yes. After that bottle rockets went off, Brian had arranged for his friend Peterson to be there to light them for him. It was wonderful. Brian makes me so very happy! I can’t wait to spend eternity with him, to infinity and beyond!

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