Saturday, December 18, 2010

M -- Making Memories

Thanksgiving with friends

King Tut exhibit 

such a champ on airplane flights

we love adoption, reading and super heroes too

at the Bay Bridge in San Francisco 

walking in a WA forest with family, something sure was fascinating 

he loves his books and reading time

Redondo beach in WA

our favorite waterfall, we visit it often

Pre-baby memories

 Before the show we went to the downtown mall to have dinner.

Zombie's terrorize the audience before the show
Brian's surprise party

I had no idea that this was the plan but I had a wonderful time with all my friends and family. Chriss even got the partty to be batman theamed since he is my favorite supper hero.
family reunion

cotton candy is always a huge hit at family gatherings

Brian's mother  teaching the next generation how to make cotton candy
I grew up in the Salt Lake City area and I had never been to a Jazz basketball game. Brian grew up taking turns with his siblings and going with Dad to see a game, for him there are great memories of one on one time for him and it is something that we want to do as well. This was my first game and I was not disappointed!

Right before the tip off to start the game.

We love getting involved in the community, one of the big things to go and see in the summer are the demolition derbies. When I first moved here I was a little hesitant to check them out, the idea of people driving cars and trucks into each other to find out who can last the longest sounded really odd. It was such a blast the first time I went that I had to share it with Brian, last year we went with some good friends and their little ones that thought it was the greatest.

At the Annual Cruise-In, cars of all makes and models come and show off they drive up and down main and we walk through to see the different vehicles at the fairgrounds.

Love the Corvettes, there are several that come up for the show, from different decades and all fixed up like we like to see. Brian likes to quiz Chriss about the years of the Corvettes and the Camaros.

Our favorite the 1950's Chevrolet truck in powder blue, Brian wants to restore one someday.

Brian in the Dodge Coronet like what his dad used to drive.

Our trip to the zoo, we rode up on the motorcycle. It was a bit chilly but a great ride, love getting a ride in when we can and always with protection for safety.

Brian and Janelle with the bronze tiger. Brian is holding the tiger's mouth shut for Janelle's safety.

everyone getting on the scale to see if we all weigh as much as an elephant, we were way off.

Brian with the albino alligator at the zoo

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