Tuesday, December 21, 2010

J -- Journey so far

Our Journey in adoption so far:

August we met for the first time in Brian's brother Kyle's apartment, Brian visiting his brother and Chriss was spending time with a friend.

July 4th Brian calls Chriss up for the best fireworks show in the area, the one she was at of course. Brian helped with some of the cleanup after and phone numbers were exchanged.

August 4th We go out on our first date, it was a great time together and a night that we like to remember often. We also celebrate this day every year as Gibbs day, for his involvement in getting things started.
this is Gibbs
November 11th Brian proposes and Chriss says yes!

January 19th we are married and sealed together for time and all eternity in the Mount Timpanogos Temple. How wonderful it was to have family and friends join us for our special day, even in the cold and freezing weather of Utah in January. We started our married life in Logan and enjoyed our time as newlyweds, buying our first home and spending time with family.

2008 - 2010
January of 2008 to May of 2010 we had a series of six failed pregnancies, all in the first trimester, all very painful emotionally and physically. Doctors don't know why this happens or what the problem is. In 2008 Chriss graduated from college with her degree in Business Administration. We enjoyed using our time to visit family members near and far away. We went on adventures, spent time with friends and played with our pets Mohika, Milka and Snowball.
motorcycle ride for charity

dinner with good friends

Mohika and Snowball hanging out together

May while adoption had always been part of our family planning, it becomes clear that this is the way that we need to go now in order to add children to our family.

August we had our application in and started moving forward with our first adoption agency.

October we were approved to move forward, go on-line and actively find our birth parents.

Brian graduated from college with his degree in Computer Information Systems and we moved from Logan, Utah to Riverton, Utah in June.


February we left first adoption agency for a multitude of reasons. We researched other options and other agencies for several months, we still felt that adoption was the way that we were suppose to go for adding children.

April we submitted our homestudy to adoption agency number two. We went to Disneyland in April, this was a big deal for Chriss because she had never been before. We got to go with Brian's whole family.
the whole gang

riding It's A Small World

We started receiving adoption situations from our new agency two weeks after submitting our application. We were excited to feel like we were finally making some progress on the adoption front.

June Brian started looking for a new job, with no geographic restrictions and started doing interviews with many different companies.
We were matched with our birth parents!!! What an exciting time, we woke up one morning like any other and before going to bed that night we were going to be parents, and in only two months time.

July we were getting ready for baby boy coming into our lives, we met our birth mom and were so excited. After a couple of weeks Brian received a new job, in Seattle, Washington and we were moving again.
Brian started his new job at the end of July, while Chriss stayed in Utah just in case baby boy came early.

August waiting, waiting and more waiting for little boy to come and join us. We were blessed with family and friends to support us during some of the extra challenges that came along the way. After so much waiting, we were blessed beyond measure not only with our amazing birth parents but with an awesome son. All the waiting, tears, heartbreak and anguish we had felt while waiting for him was all worth it and filled with joy beyond measure. 

December We were able to finalize our adoption of our son the end of December. 


January On our sixth anniversary we were able to have our little boy sealed to us for time and eternity. We were surrounded by family and friends. The next day Brian gave him a name and a blessing in church, even more family and friends were able to attend.

We have been discussing when to move forward and when to add more children through adoption, We have been working on getting our foster care license for many months, the process is lengthy and in-depth. We also feel like we should have an adoption homestudy and pursue adoption too.

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