Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I -- Isaac

 Our darling ray of sunshine that is our son Isaac.

He insisted on holding his friends hand at the farm

a sword, a stick and a gnome

my little trail partner

he is a huge fan of music, especially uncle Randal's guitar

he was really excited for his doughnut, took him two days to eat it
waiting in line for his sweet treat
second cousins with great-grandma

he wanted to go over and over again, it was his favorite thing at boardwalk

swings are his favorites at every park

waiting for the ferry

one of our favorite waterfalls to visit
books are another favorite

he loves all things to do with motorcycles, gear and sitting on them. 

He is pretty fantastic. He is incredibly friendly and says “hi” to anyone and everyone, at the store, park or walking around town.  He loves all things with wheels, animals, playing outside, and balls that bounce. Lover of all hats and helmets to wear. Loves music and dancing whenever he hears it.  We enjoy dance parties in the front room together, playing games and going on road trips to explore. 

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