Wednesday, December 29, 2010

B -- Brian


I am a complete nerd; I am into computers movies and cars. I love to work on the intricate little things that get broken on the cars or the computers. I enjoy fixing them and making them go faster. It doesn't matter whether it is a car or a computer it must go faster. I am a major movie buff I like all kinds of films from action war movies to sappy love stories. I have a game that I play with my sister I will send her a line from a movie and she has to respond with a different line from the same movie. We can play this game for hours at a time I almost never loose.

About Brian (by Brian)

I love working with computers and I am always helping those around me with theirs. I also love cars, I love working on them and driving them or going to the demolition derby. I enjoy taking long drives or going for Sunday drives through the canyons.

I want to tell you why I am so excited about adoption. I have always felt in my heart that some (if not all) of my children would be adopted. When we were dating, Chriss asked me how I felt about adopting. I told her how I always planned on adopting. I have five adopted cousins and four adopted second cousins that come from various backgrounds and ethnicities. We see them often and it’s a lot of fun to play around with them. Adoption is very normal and accepted in my family.

We have had trouble with staying pregnant over the last two years, and this has been devastating. But at the same time, our trial has brought us closer to each other and the Lord. I am so excited to bring a little child into our lives and can't wait to be a father! I love playing with kids. I love the way their minds work and love watching them learn new things.

About Brian (by Chriss)

My wonderful husband Brian blesses me with so much happiness and joy. I love his enthusiasm for life and adventures. He has so much compassion for other people and animals. Most of all he makes me laugh. My love is a “fixer” of things—cars, computers, anything electronic—and he’s always designing or building something. He has such a large heart and a deep love of all things family related. We love spending time together as a family.

Brian is a great cook and has great skill at coming up with culinary masterpieces. Some of his favorite things to make are stir fry, Navajo tacos, rice and beans (this is never the same way twice) he loves to make bread too. On Sunday's he chooses which bread he wants to make and then sets the bread machine to have fresh and hot bread for as soon as we get home from church.

I have loved watching Brian as a father and his relationship with Little Man. He loves playing with Little Man, they enjoy reading together and rough housing. Little Man absolutely adores Brian and comes running when Brian gets home from work. He loves to have one-on-one time whenever he can. Brian is so great with Little Man and my love for him has grown watching him being a daddy.
Reading is important to us, starting as a baby

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