Thursday, September 30, 2010

small steps and practice in patience

We have made another small step forward in the Home study process, our individual interviews are done! And we have our home visit scheduled for Monday. Hopefully with everything going to the committee review on Wednesday we can be approved shortly.
The whole process has been a lesson in patience, that just because we want things to move fast doesn't mean that they will. Which I think is good because we are about to start the active waiting period and I have a feeling that the lesson in patience is not even close to being done with.
We hope that we are able to find our birth parents quickly, we know they are out there and we know that we will find them. The birth parents that are about to become part of our lives, for the rest of our lives, as an extension to our family.
And congratulations to our friends Josh and Julie on their pending placement! What an exciting experience and with them all the best in their upcoming journey.

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