Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Education Classes

Part of the process is going through some adoption classes, how to use correct phrases such as a child is placed for adoption not given up for adoption and birth mom and birth father instead of real mom and real dad type of things.
Our favorite part though were the panels, there were several adoptive parents that shared their point of view and their experiences. It was great to know how vast and varied the journeys to adoption really are, even with siblings within the same family.
It was touching as well to have two young birth moms come and talk to us. They had placed within the last three months and the emotions were so raw and right there in front of us. Both were talking about their experience for the first time to the prospective adoptive parents.  They were so nervous to talk to us and to tell us their very personal journeys to choose adoption and how they chose their adoptive parents.
What a valuable experience to see how much this is going to be a part of our lives forever more. Not only are we going to have children to raise, but we will be blessed with birth parents and their families as well.
A child can never receive too much love.

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