Sunday, May 9, 2010


Today is mother's day. A day I have had struggles with the last few years. Today was starting out like the others, and I was dreading to go to church, not only to see all the pregnant women but to have everything and everyone talking about mothers. It was actually really good though. Part of the solution is that we have decided to do adoption, and it feels so incredibly right. Part of the lesson was on prayer, and how sometimes that the answers to prayers come through other people. For the last year we have been praying about how to add children to our family. For most of the year we have thought of different medical things to try and stay pregnant. Now I realise that as we are praying to add a child to our family through adoption, we are waiting for someone else to answer that prayer. It is a very humbling situation and we realize that it is going to take some time for someone to answer our prayers. We have hope that we will find the right person.

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