Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We got the paperwork in the mail this weekend, filling it out to send to the adoption agency. Next step is the intake interview and homestudy. Lots to take in and plenty of decisions to make from here.

Monday, May 17, 2010

A little bit about Chriss

I am excited about this new journey and what it will mean for our family. I want to share some about me. I am the oldest of six kids, four brothers and a sister. There is only eight years difference between me and my youngest brother. To say it was crazy while growing up is putting it mildly, there was always something going on and someone to play with. We still see each other as often as possible.

I have my bachelor's degree in Business Management. Some of my hobbies; I love to travel, read all kinds of books, volunteering in the community, spending time with friends and doing fun dinner parties. I also love photography; I enjoy taking pictures of everything from friend's kids to fireworks and landscapes.

Adoption is something that I have grown up around; we had friends growing up that were adopted. It became something that I wanted to do when I was married. I love kids and have always wanted to be a mommy.  Adoption became an important question to ask the guys that I dated to screen the ones out that were not good matches. When I asked Brian about adoption, he immediately said it was something that he wanted to do as well, it impressed me that he was so enthusiastic about adoption.

We have had our struggles with infertility and many miscarriages. But because adoption has always been part of the plan, we do not view it as a last resort or out of desperation. It is a blessing and a challenge that we are looking forward to. It is a journey filled with ups and downs, while adding not only a child but the birth mother as part of our family. We are embracing this with hearts and arms wide open for our family.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Adoption is an expensive venture, and of course we will carry as much as we can personally, we will also be doing fundraisers and yard sales during the summer to help out as well. Our goal that we need to meet is $10,000.

Therefore, we are asking family and friends that can to do so, to consider helping us with the expenses associated with adding a child to our family.

It is not our intention to place you in an awkward position, and we assure you that we fully understand and respect the fact that you may not be able to help. However, if you can, we will be forever grateful. Please contact us by phone, email: brianandchrissadopting@gmail.com or click here to make donations. If you are in Utah, you can also go to any Mountain America Credit Union and ask to make a deposit for Brian Butt's adoption account.

Thank you for reading our note and for any help financial or otherwise you might be able to give us.


Brian and Chriss

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A little bit about Brian

I am not much of blogger, but adoption is something that I feel very strongly about so I am going to put up a post about myself and why I am so excited about adopting.
I work in the IT department at a local company, I have been there for three years and working in IT for about 7 years. I love working with computers, I have always been told to do something you love and you will never work a day in your life.
I love cars, I love working on them and driving them. People generally think that I am odd when I take long drives to calm down when I am stressed out. I think that every car has a personality, emotions and should have a name. That is a little about my interests.

Now the more important part of this post is why I am so excited about adoption. I have always wanted to adopt. I have always felt in my heart that not all of my children would be genetically mine. When Chriss and I were dating she asked me how I felt about adopting and I told her that I had always planned on adopting. When I was working at a middle school there were two boys that had been adopted from Africa. I saw how much they loved their family and how much their family loved them as well. I also have five adopted cousins and four second cousins that come from various backgrounds and ethnicity. It has been a lot of fun to see them grow up, we see them often and its a lot of fun to play around with them. Adoption is very normal and accepted in the family.

I want to be a positive influence on a child's life. As a couple we had discussed that we would have two biological children and adopt two children after. We have had trouble with staying pregnant over the last two years. Chriss asked me about changing the order and starting out with adopting. She was worried that I would be sad and that I would want to keep trying for biological kids, but to her surprise I was completely ready to take this route. I am so excited to bring a little child into our lives and can't wait to be a father!


Today is mother's day. A day I have had struggles with the last few years. Today was starting out like the others, and I was dreading to go to church, not only to see all the pregnant women but to have everything and everyone talking about mothers. It was actually really good though. Part of the solution is that we have decided to do adoption, and it feels so incredibly right. Part of the lesson was on prayer, and how sometimes that the answers to prayers come through other people. For the last year we have been praying about how to add children to our family. For most of the year we have thought of different medical things to try and stay pregnant. Now I realise that as we are praying to add a child to our family through adoption, we are waiting for someone else to answer that prayer. It is a very humbling situation and we realize that it is going to take some time for someone to answer our prayers. We have hope that we will find the right person.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

so excited for this new journey

We are beginning this great journey to add a child to our family. Thanks for checking out our blog and supporting us in adding to our family.
Us at Snowbird for the Dew Tour


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